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Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid is a New York-based non-profit organization that supports Catholic educational, religious, and social outreach projects in Lithuania and its diaspora.

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In 2018 let`s continuing together the initiative „Love one another“ John 13, 34-35

As we approach the end of the 56th year of the LCRA activity, it is important that we all contribute to the implementation of the LCRA. The Lithuanian Catholic Religious Assistance supports Catholic education, religious and charitable activities in Lithuania and in exile. Thousands of people thank you for the wonderful works of love that you have been able to accomplish thanks to your support and self-sacrifice, as well as with the help of the LCRA. During this calendar year, through the beginning of November, your support to the LCRA was $ 51,384 dollars. We sincerely thank you! This year, the LCRA generously supported Catholic projects in Lithuania and abroad with $800,000 USD!

This year, the LCRA Board of Directors supplemented its ranks at the annual Meeting by electing Fr. Nerijus Šmerauskas, Pastor of the Martyrs Parish of Mississauga, Canada, and a teacher of religion at the Toronto Maironio Lithuanian School. Also, Dr. Algirdas Lukoševičius from Brooklyn, NY – a longtime member of the Board of Directors of the LCRA and treasurer, was elected for the second term of office. Congratulations! We wish you a productive work at LCRA.

This summer, a huge Catholic event for young people took place in Lithuania – the Lithuanian Youth Day 2017 “Truth will make you free”.  For this event, LCRA donated a generous $50,000 grant. Another significant event for Lithuania and its faithful is the proclamation of Archbishop Theophilius Matulionis as a blessed one. On June 25, 2017 Archbishop Theophilius Matulionis was declared the Blessed One in Cathedral Square in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. For the beatification ceremony, LCRA donated $20,000. You can read an article here about archbishop Theophilius Matulionis.

The coming year in Lithuania will be special. For the restored state of Lithuania, February 16 will be the 100th year anniversary of independence. Recalling the history and the suffering of Lithuanians to regain independence, together with God’s blessing, we will understand 2018 as a year for the love of God and appreciation of the actions of our dear ones. In the name of Lithuania!

Sincerely yours,

Salvijus Kungys,

Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid administrator