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Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid is a New York-based non-profit organization that supports Catholic educational, religious, and social outreach projects in Lithuania and its diaspora.

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Pope Francis in Lithuania

“Life is beautiful with others, in our families, with friends, participating in the struggles of our nation …” (Pope Francis)

Dear Partners and Sponsors of the LCR Aid,

The Holy Father’s apostolic journey to Lithuania was a true gift of God to all Lithuanians. Pope Francis, having touched the history of our nation, marked by the sign of the cross, preached to us the joy of the gospel, the love and mercy of God. We are glad to announce that the LCR Aid contributed $ 50,000 in support to this historic visit. Similarly, the LCR Aid has collected $ 3,650 through GoFundMe to help disabled people and young people attend a meeting with the Pope. We sincerely thank everyone who contributed to this promotion.

During this calendar year the LCR Aid has received 274 applications for support. From the beginning of the year to November, your support for the LCR Aid was $ 23,140. Every donation is dear and appreciated, so let’s tell you THANKS! This year, the LCR Aid supported Catholic projects in Lithuania and emigration – $619,000 USD!

This year, O. Vytautas Prunskis from Chicago was added to the ranks of the Board of Directors of the LKR, at the annual congress. He graduated in applied mathematics at Harvard University and received a Master’s degree. Aldona Lingertaitienė, a long-time member of the Board of Directors of the LCR Aid, from Boston, MA, also was elected to the Board. Finally, father Aurelius Gricius OFM, Vicar of the House of St. Anthony’s Monastery in Kennebunk joined the Board.  Father Gintaras Jonikas and Jūratė Žukauskienė were elected for their second term of office. Congratulations to the new Board of Directors of the LCR Aid. We wish them productive work in the LCR Aid.

Dear LCRA benefactors, we thank you for your generosity which allowed many projects to be implemented. Let us march together into the New Year 2019. In the coming years, various Catholic children’s, youth, and family camps will be held in many places in Lithuania. Already Catholic events, retreats, seminars are being organized, which will take place next year. The anthem to love says: “Now faith, hope, and love remain – this trifecta, but the greatest is love” (1 Cor 13:13). By helping and blessing God together, we understand the year 2019 for the love of God and our dear ones. “Such a life is beautiful,” said Pope Francis.

Sincerely yours,

Salvijus Kungys, LCR Aid administrator