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LCRA Administration
LCRA Administrator – Salvijus Kungys
LCRA Administrator’s Assistant – Josephina Senken


Cardinal Audrys Juozas Bačkis
Vilnius, Lithuania
Bishop Paul A. Baltakis, OFM
Kaunas, Lithuania

LCRA Board of  Directors 2018 – 2019

Msgr. Edmundas Putrimas – LCRA President ex-officio
Archbishop Gintaras Grušas – LCRA I vice-president ex-officio
Rev. John Puodžiūnas, OFM – LCRA II vice-president ex-officio, LCRA Finance Committee Chairperson
Rev. Gintaras Jonikas – LCRA III vice-president
Dr. Algirdas Lukoševičius – LCRA Treasurer
Jūratė Žukauskienė– Recording and corporate secretary
Tadas Gintautas Dabšys – Nominating Committee Chairperson

Aldona Lingertat (Lingertaitienė )

Rev. Raimundas Bukauskas, OFM

Owen Vytautas Prunskis
Vita Matusaitis
Rev. Nerijus Šmerauskas
Rev. Aurelijus Gricius, OFM



Morning Flag ceremony at an LCRA supported summer camp in Lithuania

Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid was founded in 1961 to support the clergy, the faithful, and dissidents in Soviet-occupied Lithuania.  In the 1970′s and 80′s It was instrumental in the translation and dissemination of the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania (which tracked human rights abuses and religious dissent in Lithuania), sent much religious and humanitarian aid to persecuted Lithuanian Catholics, and supported the Lithuanian Information Center, a news-dissemination service about soviet-occupied Lithuania.

Since the re-assertion of Lithuanian independence in 1990, LCRA has helped the Catholic Church in Lithuania rebuild.  Those who safeguarded their faith through years of persecution are now free to worship, and many more are able to re-discover the faith from which they were separated during 50 years of state-enforced atheism.

Meal preparation at an LCRA supported children's center in Kretinga 2011

Meal preparation at an LCRA supported children’s center in Kretinga

LCRA supports Catholic religious, educational and social outreach projects in Lithuania and its diaspora. Recent projects include aid to retired religious, funds for retreats and faith-based summer camps, support to childrens’ centers and care for the elderly.