LCRA Grants for Catholic education, seminars

aparishes, Catholic organizations and donated $178,000 in support.nd ongoing projects from Catholic

2018 LCRA received 102 requests for support for various retreats, seminars, meetings and ongoing projects from Catholic parishes, Catholic organizations and donated $178,000 in support.  The Lithuanian Catholic Academy of Education organizes the 2019 Spring Seminar Courses, the purpose of which is to provide the wider community with a solid, reliable knowledge of the teaching of the Catholic Church, its history, Holy Scripture, actual present, etc. The LCRA provided $2,000 in support for this project. The "Faith and Light" Association invites Catholics to community Advent retreats, which will host over 100 people. LCRA donated $2,000 to this project "Evangelization School and Missionary Events" of the Kaunas Archdiocese received $4,000 in support and many more.

Support for Catholic media


The LCRA supported 18 media projects. The LCRA donated $79,000 to these broad-based projects. The biggest support from the LCRA this year was received by the online newspaper - $60,000. Catholic radio "Little Studio" (Mazoji studija) - $4,000; "Friend" (Draugas) newspaper - $ 10,000 dollars; The Guardian Lithuanian monthly "Lithuanian Honor" (Lithuanian honor) is $5,000. We invite you to participate with your donations, prayers, or other acts of love to Catholic media projects sponsored by the LCRA, in order to bring Christian values into the lives of every human being. Follow the projects carried out by the LCRA on Facebook: Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid.

Grants to summer camps


In 2018 the LCRA supported 62 camps with $110,000. This year, 4,437 children were spiritually strengthened during the summer. Zapyškis St. The John the Baptist's Parish

organized a summer camp for children


(Pope Francis), in which 55 children

participated for a week. LCRA contributed $2,000 in support of this camp. The LCRA supported a $4,000 summer camp for families of the Lithuanian Kanos, which involved 140

people. The Vilnius Archdiocesan Youth Center hosted a summer camp for minors, for which the LCRA provided $3,000 in support. The camp was attended by 60 young people. 

The LCRA makes every effort to make Lithuania's future bright.

Support for Catholic events


In 2018, the LCRA supported 50 Catholic events with $132,000 in donations. After a year's break, an event organized by the Archdiocese of Kaunas for St. John's Valentine's Day DIFFERENT 2019, for which the LCRA provided $10,000 in support. The third day of the city's renewal, "Spiritual life, what is it?" has already happened in Klaipėda.  The LCRA contributed $3,000 in support. The Diocese of Šiauliai invited more than 1,100 participants not only from Lithuania but also from other countries to a pilgrimage from the Hill of Crosses to Šiluva. LKRS donated $1,000 dollars. 

We are proud sponsors of the Holy Father's visit to Lithuania


The Holy Father's apostolic journey to Lithuania was a true gift of God to all Lithuanians. Pope Francis, having touched the history of our nation, marked by the sign of the cross, preached to us the joy of the gospel, the love and mercy of God. We are glad to announce that the LCR Aid contributed $ 50,000 in support to this historic visit. Similarly, the LCR Aid has collected $3,650 through GoFundMe to help disabled people and young people attend a meeting with the Pope. We sincerely thank everyone who contributed to this promotion.

Support for seminarians, young students and elderly


In 2018 LCRA allocated $40,000 for scholarships. A donation of $24,000 was made to Pontifical Lithuanian

St. Casimir’s College, to reduce the cost of living for Lithuanian priests. The $16,000 donation was received by the Department of Catholic Theology of the Vytautas Magnus University.

LCRA supports CARITAS of Lithuania as well as Hospice care facilities and other organizations to help elderly.